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Chiropractic works by aiding the health of the body’s nervous system. It is based on the philosophy that humans are self-healing, and self-regulating mechanisms.


Acupuncture is a method of encouraging the body to promote natural healing and to improve functioning.


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What you need to know after an auto accident.

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In the past few weeks we have seen an increase of auto accidents in our office. I know myself, that after a car accident comes the stress of dealing with the insurance company, being without a car, and often hurting. If you are like many, your health will take a backseat to getting your car

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Zucchini Soup

This time of year everyone has a zucchini they are trying to get rid of but how much zucchini bread can you eat? We love this soup recipe that Missy’s mom would make. It could be even more healthy than this but this is how we like it. Zucchini Soup 4 tablespoon butter (real not

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Patient Spotlight- Loretta Lynn’s amateur National Motocross Champion

We love hearing about your successes when you come into the office. We treat many different types of athletes and athletes of all ages. I’d like to brag about Tayler a 12 year old patient who recently won the Highly coveted Loretta Lynn’s Amateur National Motocross Championship in Tennessee in the girls 9-13 class. She

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Food that fight inflammation

This time of year everyone wants to slim down to look and feel their best. I have heard many quotes like “abs are made in the kitchen” and “you can’t out run a bad diet” or “you are what you eat.” Heard any of these? They are all true but more importantly than looks is

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Meet the Caughey Family

If I am ever trapped under a car, this is the family I’d want close by. The Caughey Family are World Champion Powerlifters. Their medals include a Gold Medal at Utah Summer Games, 23+ State and Regional titles, and several World Champion titles. They are as kind as they are strong. It has been rewarding

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Grilled Salmon with Coconut Curry Sauce

Grilled Salmon with Coconut Curry Sauce BBQ veggies and meat is a summer time staple. It’s flexible to cook with whatever you have on hand. At the Collard house we mix it up by adding different seasonings and sauces. Buy a grill basket or pan that has holes in it for your veggies. I bought

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Patient Appreciation Day- Free Cafe Rio Gift Card

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Because we love our patients we are giving away gift cards to Café Rio. Wednesday February 8, 2017 all scheduled appointments will receive a $10.00 gift card to yummy Café Rio.    Call today and schedule your appointment 801-569-1141 Throughout the year you have entrusted us by referring your friends and family and for this we want

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