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If you haven’t seen Thriller by Odyssey Dance Theatre, don’t wait! This is their last year. Click here to get your tickets. Derryl Yeager, the director and founder of Odyssey Dance, and his wife Cheryl Yeager, together with their family, have filled the need for world-class entertainment right here in Utah providing talented dancers the opportunity to perform and live in this great state since 1994.

I have had the privilege of treating Odyssey Dancers as their official chiropractor since 2007. I have loved the opportunity to serve the dancers by preventing and treating injuries. My wife, Missy, danced at Center Stage where Derryl and Cheryl owned the studio and taught classes. Because of Missy’s love of dance and the opportunities Derryl had created for her and many others, we felt it would be great to give back by providing chiropractic and acupuncture care to the dancers at ODT. What we didn’t expect is to benefit through advertising and in-kind donation tickets throughout the years that have been much appreciated.

2012 Thriller at Kingsbury Hall.

Odyssey Dance has been a part of our family’s holiday traditions for many years. At Christmas time we enjoyed Redux Nut-Cracker or It’s a Wonderful Life. Springtime Shut Up and Dance where we love the Beatles Let it Be performance. But our absolute favorite is Thriller each October. Our oldest daughter had seen Thriller many times before she had the opportunity to perform as a zombie in the junior cast.

2018 Thriller at Tuachan. Our family had an awesome time. We had seen Thriller before but seeing it at Tuachan in the outdoor amphitheatre was a whole new experience with fire and camels!

Thriller 2019 Kingsbury Hall. We took our family to watch our daughter (blindfolded zombie) perform as a zombie. She was so creepy!

Derryl Yeager has had a significant impact on our state. He has blessed many young dancers, including my wife and daughter. He has contributed to the performing arts in Utah in a way that was nonexistent 28 years ago. We are grateful to Derryl & his family, the many staff we never met, Annie, who was our contact and friend, and the many dancers throughout the years that we have had the pleasure of meeting. We wish you good health as you move on to the next chapter.

Much Love,

Dr. Chad L. Collard & Family

For tickets to the Odyssey Dance Theatre performance of Thriller click here.

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Monday: 9–12, 2:30–6
Tuesday: 2:30–6
Wednesday: 9–12, 2:30–6
Thursday: 9–12, 2:30–6
Friday: 8–12

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