In Honor of Our Vietnam Veterans

In Honor of Our Vietnam Veterans

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March 29th is National Vietnam Veterans Day. In my office I am grateful for the opportunity to treat many of our veterans. I enjoy talking with them and hearing their stories. I have been impressed with the Veterans Administration who are embracing alternative medicine for pain management and healing.

This photo was take in Vietnam about 1966. Robert Jones “Uncle Bob” is shown bottom right. We do not know who is pictured with him.

My Uncle Bob was drafted immediately after graduating from BYU in accounting. In fact, he wasn’t able to walk with his class because he would be in California in basic training. He served for only a few years in Vietnam but the effects of his service would be life long. He suffered from PTSD and later developed a cancer that was probably caused from Agent Orange as well as developing dementia. I was able to provide him with a weekly appointment in my office for many years. Through chiropractic and acupuncture, we were able to help manage his pain.  We have had personal experience with the VA hospital and doctor visits while being a care giver for Uncle Bob. We have had frustrations with long waits, miscommunications, and the parking garage being under construction for years. But we also had many great experiences with wonderful doctors, home health nurses, and case management workers.  Overall we had a great experience with the VA and were so blessed that he was being cared for during the last part of his life for his service those many years ago. Many of the veterans that I treat deal with the same kind of frustrations but our office strives to make the process of being treated as easy as possible.  It’s not just the veterans of the Vietnam war that are able to be treated in our office. We have veterans from the Gulf War, Iraq, and Afghanistan wars. I’m grateful for their service and feel honored to be able to help them in their healthcare needs. I’m also grateful that the Veterans Administration has created a program that allows the Veterans to be treated in outside offices closer to their homes.

I have much respect for those who gave their life and those whose lives are forever affected due to their service. I love being able to help veterans. To learn more about our office click here.

Robert Jones
Vietnam Veteran




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