Shoulder pain is hard to get relief and it is painful. Shoulder pain is usually caused by overworking or in this case weight lifting when the joint is not in proper alignment.

Your shoulder has an impressive range of motion not just in and out but around. If it is not in the proper alignment it will create friction and pain to the joints, ligaments, tendons, and muscles surrounding the shoulder. Prevention is a big deal when it comes to a shoulder.

First I make sure that the joint is in proper alignment. I do this by testing the muscles for weakness in each direction. Testing tells me which direction the joint needs to move or where it is locked up. The adjustment in the proper direction puts the joint into the proper placement and creates proper movement.

Then we treat the shoulder with acupuncture. This brings healing to the area and reduces inflammation that causes pain. Acupuncture has proven over and over to be a very effective way to speed up the healing process.

Prevention like they say is always the best medicine. I educate my patients to ensure that when weight lifting they use proper form, this will keep your shoulder healthy. Quick simple tips that I can give you would be lightweight movements to increase stability, avoiding crazy lifts that put your shoulder at risk, and locking in or engaging your shoulders before each rep to offer stability. I’ll link here a website that is accurate and gives great prevention tips for shoulders.

The sooner we can treat the shoulder the better. It will more damage and get you out of pain. Don’t wait to give us a call to schedule 801-569-1141.

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