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What’s In Your Water?

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Everyone carries around a water bottle. We have plastic and stainless steel in various colors and sizes. Some are so big that people have a hard time carrying them. I joke about girls at the gym with water bottles bigger than they are tucked under their arm. We have a culture obsessed with trendy water bottles, but do we wonder what is in the water?

When I was growing up in the 70s and 80s if we were thirsty we got a drink out of the hose. We never obsessed about how much water we were drinking. When I am in the Grand Canyon water is life and it is scarce. We plan our itinerary around water. We research the most current up-to-date information from other trusted hikers and websites to determine how far we hike and where we will camp for the night. We plan for 4 liters per 8 hours because of the physical activity and heat. We also have electrolyte tablets we take with our water to replace the sodium and other minerals that are lost when we sweat. We will talk more about that later. The amount of water you should drink will always depend on your health, body weight, and activity for that day. I recommend drinking 32 oz for every 50 lbs on a normal day to replace what is lost through the skin, lungs, and kidney output for normal activity and drinking more when exercising or in the heat. Another reason you need to drink more water is to compensate for consuming dehydrating drinks with caffeine or alcohol.

Chronic dehydration causes many symptoms. It can affect our brain and cause mood disturbance, and memory issues and can cause headaches/migraines. It affects our stomach by causing ulcers and digestive problems. Dehydration will affect our joints and the discs in our back and muscles causing pain and spinal disc issues. It can also affect our circulatory system causing high or low blood pressure or heart palpitations. Every cell in your body is made up of water and requires proper hydration for each cell to perform optimally. By the time you are thirsty, you are already dehydrated. Thirst also comes in the form of hunger pains. My family gets irritated with me when they say “I’m still hungry” and I tell them to get a drink of water. Proper hydration affects how our bodies function.

Our bodies are mostly oxygen, water, sodium, potassium, magnesium, and calcium. We have minerals that should be in our water called electrolytes. These electrolytes together help the water get into the cells. Magnesium, potassium, calcium, sodium, and trace minerals are all in spring water the way they should be. We get a lot of these minerals from the food we eat however it can be necessary to replenish our body’s supply.

When I am backpacking I have a filtration system. This is how I can safely collect and drink water. It filters everything including minerals. (I’ll share a link to the best backpacking water filter, in my opinion, if you are in the market.) Because I am not getting electrolytes from my water I have to be even more diligent to get replacements from my food and supplemental tablets. A condition called Hyponatremia is a condition characterized by abnormally low levels of sodium in the blood. It is caused when the sodium in your blood becomes diluted with too much water and can be deadly. This is why mineral replacement in the Grand Canyon is crucial. Many people have serious issues because they drink water but don’t replace their electrolytes and become very ill. I have learned something interesting with two daughters who are surgical scrub technicians in the operating room. When performing surgery a saline solution must be used not plain water because water without the saline can cause cellular rupture.

16 oz water
1 packet of True Water Flavor
1/4 – 1/8 tsp high-quality mineral salt, NOT TABLE SALT

Daily hydration at home is also important. Sitting in a sauna, being outside, exercising, swimming, donating blood, or whatever it may be I rehydrate. I am not a fan of sports drinks because they have so much junk in them and I like to save my toxins for Diet Mt. Dew. As a better option for sports drinks or expensive packets, we make our special concoction with 16 oz water, 1 packet of True Water Flavor, and 1/4 – 1/8 tsp high-quality mineral salt, NOT TABLE SALT. We like Redmonds Salt, Celtic Salt, or Himalayan Pink Salt, but make sure it is a mineral salt. Table salt is a whole discussion in itself. The short of it is that table salt is bleached, doesn’t contain minerals, and is a toxin. We only use mineral salts at our house. Other great options for replenishing are the gold standards of coconut water and fruit, especially watermelon and potassium-rich foods. I wouldn’t recommend carrying a watermelon in the Grand Canyon though.

I originally began researching on the website Utah Department of Environmental Quality but as I read: “The most common disinfection used in Utah is chlorine, which is added at the treatment plant. Chlorine kills germs, but it does not harm humans directly.” I knew that the website was not going to give me the information I was looking for. Also because this government website didn’t have transparency about contaminants or additives like fluoride I started to look for more reliable resources. The Environmental Working Group tap water database reports 37 total contaminants in my zip code like lead, arsenic, uranium, chlorine, fluoride, and mercury to name a few. Most are proven to be cancer-causing agents while others like fluoride and chlorine are highly debated topics. At our house, we have become very spoiled with our filtration system. We have had it in each home for the last 20 + years. Our reverse osmosis drinking water system from Best Water in Utah removes all of it. Our soft water system even removes chlorine. Our daughter moved away to college and she called upset that her shower smelled like chlorine and her water tasted awful. It was a case of, you don’t realize what you have until it’s gone. We found on Amazon a shower head filter and a carbon filter water pitcher for her drinking water. As we drink filtered water at home, we run into the same issue of needing to replace lost minerals like I do while hiking. Adding minerals back into our filtered water helps us get the minerals our bodies need to function at their best. The benefit of removing these 37 known contaminants and any chlorine or fluoride is that I know my family’s drinking water is safe. Not to mention the taste is awesome. Getting clean water for your home doesn’t have to be an expensive whole-house system. You can start with a simple charcoal pitcher for your drinking water similar to my backpacking filter which is very affordable.

We hope that this has been helpful and encouraging and not overwhelming. Anytime you make little steps toward a healthier lifestyle you and those around you will benefit. Enjoy the summer and stay hydrated.

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REI Platypus GravityWorks water filtration system for backpacking
Water Pitcher, we bought for college

AquaBliss Shower head filter
The Best Water in Utah is what we have for drinking and softening at our house.

True Water Flavor

Redmonds Salt

Your summer plans depend on your good health

Do you have fun summer plans? Do you want to garden, travel, play with the kids, or finish a summer project? We can help with that.

Nothing will derail your summer plans like your health. Chiropractic and acupuncture are not just for when you are in pain but also for prevention. One of my favorite quotes that I have based my career as your chiropractor is from Thomas Edison “The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease.” Chiropractic and acupuncture, proper nutrition, and daily movement in my opinion are three things that are essential building blocks to a healthy mind and body that functions for everyday life.

The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease.”


Movement such as walking is the number one thing you can do for your health. Your movement and muscles have more impact on your health than your weight. I am passionate about studying health and fitness. I get a lot of my information from books and podcasts that I trust, as well as my education in chiropractic. When you incorporate regular daily movement like going for a brisk walk to get your heart rate up or yard work you will be healthier. Adding weight adds even more benefit to your health. Why? Because the muscle has been called the longevity organ. I recently got my 80-year-old dad to go to the gym to lift weights, ride the bike, and walk on the treadmill. He tells me all the things he can do now easier than he could before. Adding weight training to the elderly will decrease the risk of falls and osteoporosis but there are neurological and cognitive benefits as well.

Chiropractic & Acupuncture

Our bodies feel good when our joints move freely and our body’s energy and fluid flow like clear water in a river.

Chiropractic is the study and manipulation of the joint to improve the movement of the joints in the body. Acupuncture is the balancing out of the flow and movement of energy in the body. Basically, as your chiropractor, I am a doctor of movement. When you think of a rusty hinge or backed-up stagnant water compare them to yourself. Do my legs and back feel good when they are like rusty hinges? Do I feel good when my organs have stagnant energy and mucky fluid built up? It is gross when we say it like that but our bodies feel good when our joints move freely and our body’s energy and fluid flow like clear water in a river. This prevents disease and increases our immune system.


Our bodies are overfed and undernourished.

Notice I said nutrition not diet. Nutrition is getting enough of the calories you need to build and maintain healthy muscle as well as providing the vitamins and minerals for each cell to function. When you eat better you feel better, when you feel better you can do more of your summer activities. Often our bodies need more quality nutrients and it is necessary to supplement through Standard Process Whole Food Supplements. I use this specific brand because of its health benefits and quality. I use them daily and my family uses these supplements daily as well because we notice how we feel and they work. An easy way to improve your nutrition is by adding a variety of vegetables, especially greens to your food. Be tricky by adding veggies to your sauces or soups. My wife will roast veggies and blend them up with spices to make a sauce. Get creative, but it can also be as simple as eating an apple. The point that I am trying to make is that we are overfed and under nourished. Another way to improve our health through diet is to add protein to our diet. As we age we need more protein to help maintain the muscle mass that we have. It also helps us to feel more full and will help us to not overeat. When you make these changes you will feel healthier.

Summer is a great time to start new healthy habits. These healthy habits will help you enjoy the summer how you want to. Hopefully, this has encouraged you to get outside, get moving, and eat all the yummy flavors summer has to offer. We are always here for you. If you have questions about supplements we can help. Or call to schedule an appointment at 801-569-1141.

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Totality Tripping Texas 2024

My wife and I have been planning this trip since the 2017 eclipse. It did not disappoint.

We were able to Visit San Antonio Missions including the Alamo. Met up with my longtime friend and fellow chiropractor. We went to a BYU vs UTexas baseball game. Ate our way through Texas with Mexican food and BBQ. Met up with good friends from Utah, does anyone look familiar from the office? Walked through underground caves, and checked off many of Kelly’s (from the office) required must-dos like Sherlie’s Do-nuts and Bucee’s gas station.

We experienced the eclipse with new Texas friends on their private ranch. They fed us the best-smoked brisket, creamed corn, and Texas sheet cake in Texas. The eclipse videos don’t quite do it justice and I am convinced that no two eclipses are the same.

Ending our trip in downtown San Antonio at the Menger Hotel. My wife almost canceled our reservations when she read that it is a “Haunted Hotel” I am glad she didn’t. We wandered the halls of the ever-added onto building that created new stairs and blocked-off windows. Plus the ambiance of the lightning storm was just what a haunted hotel needed. My wife was happy because it was really clean and she didn’t see a ghost. It was a great week and fun exploring Texas.

I love my job and I am excited to get back at it. Thank you for your understanding while I was out of the office. But I’m back and I may be saying Ya’ ‘ll a little more. Ya”ll call to get scheduled at 801-569-1141

Free Solar Eclipse Glasses!

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On Monday, April 8th, 2024 there will be a Total Solar Eclipse across America. Here in Utah, we will see a 50% sun eclipse. We don’t want you to miss it or ruin your eyes. We are giving away free iso-certified solar eclipse glasses to anyone who stops by. Please share with your friends who want to stop by and pick up a pair for themselves.

-No appointment is necessary.

-Limit 2 per person

-While supplies last

-Stop by during office hours

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Here is a list of all our favorite websites to learn more about this eclipse and any others you might want to view. We hope you enjoy easy access to all our favorite links in one place.

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click here to view the full map from
Time and Date has a great interactive map click here to see what the eclipse will look like where you are.

HIAWATHA, KS – AUGUST 21: The sun is seen in full eclipse over a park on August 21, 2017 in Hiawatha, Kansas. Millions of people have flocked to areas of the U.S. that are in the “path of totality” in order to experience a total solar eclipse. (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)

“In Utah, the further southeast you are, the better. Mexican Hat will see more than 60% coverage while that number drops toward 50% as you move toward the Wasatch Front. Elko, Nevada, will see closer to just 40% coverage.” KSL article.

  • 11:15 a.m. — partial eclipse begins in St. George
  • 11:20 a.m. — partial eclipse begins over Wasatch Front
  • 12:20 p.m. — maximum eclipse over most of Utah
  • 1:45 p.m. — partial eclipse ends over eastern Utah

This article is available in its entirety by clicking KSLTV to learn more about the eclipse here in Utah.

Annular Solar Eclipse 2023

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Free solar eclipse glasses!!!

Stop by and get your free pair.

No appointment is needed!!!

Tell your neighbors, friends, and family to stop by and pick up a pair for themselves.

Limit 2 per person.

On October 14, 2023, beginning at 9 am Utah will witness an annular solar eclipse. Because we wanted everyone to be prepared we are giving away free iso-certified solar eclipse glasses. Please stop by the office during office hours to get yourself a pair. Please note that Dr. Collard will be out of the office on a Grand Canyon Adventure Wednesday October 4th, 5th & 6th and the office will be closed.

In 2017 Nanette told my wife Missy about the upcoming total eclipse. Missy was determined not to miss it. She reserved a camp spot (in a cornfield) in Rexburg Idaho, loaded up our three kids, and went. Since then, Nanette’s family and my family have been looking forward to this upcoming annular eclipse. That year we passed out hundreds of glasses and ran out, so this year we bought more.

“An annular eclipse happens when the Moon passes between the Sun and the Earth at its farthest point…creating a ring of fire.”

Don’t miss out because this ring of fire eclipse won’t happen here for another 20 years. The map below shows in dark pink the best viewing area with a total annular (circle/ring) eclipse. The lighter peach area shows an 80% partial eclipse. All of Utah will be able to view a spectacular and rare sight.

October 14th beginning at 9:00 am through 12:00 pm

Be sure to check out my favorite links to learn more

The map below shows the 2023 annular solar eclipse and the 2024 total solar eclipse. The 2024 total eclipse will be partly visible in Utah. This map below is a free download and printable from NASA. Follow the link provided below.

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Odyssey Dance Theatre

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If you haven’t seen Thriller by Odyssey Dance Theatre, don’t wait! This is their last year. Click here to get your tickets. Derryl Yeager, the director and founder of Odyssey Dance, and his wife Cheryl Yeager, together with their family, have filled the need for world-class entertainment right here in Utah providing talented dancers the opportunity to perform and live in this great state since 1994.

I have had the privilege of treating Odyssey Dancers as their official chiropractor since 2007. I have loved the opportunity to serve the dancers by preventing and treating injuries. My wife, Missy, danced at Center Stage where Derryl and Cheryl owned the studio and taught classes. Because of Missy’s love of dance and the opportunities Derryl had created for her and many others, we felt it would be great to give back by providing chiropractic and acupuncture care to the dancers at ODT. What we didn’t expect is to benefit through advertising and in-kind donation tickets throughout the years that have been much appreciated.

2012 Thriller at Kingsbury Hall.

Odyssey Dance has been a part of our family’s holiday traditions for many years. At Christmas time we enjoyed Redux Nut-Cracker or It’s a Wonderful Life. Springtime Shut Up and Dance where we love the Beatles Let it Be performance. But our absolute favorite is Thriller each October. Our oldest daughter had seen Thriller many times before she had the opportunity to perform as a zombie in the junior cast.

2018 Thriller at Tuachan. Our family had an awesome time. We had seen Thriller before but seeing it at Tuachan in the outdoor amphitheatre was a whole new experience with fire and camels!

Thriller 2019 Kingsbury Hall. We took our family to watch our daughter (blindfolded zombie) perform as a zombie. She was so creepy!

Derryl Yeager has had a significant impact on our state. He has blessed many young dancers, including my wife and daughter. He has contributed to the performing arts in Utah in a way that was nonexistent 28 years ago. We are grateful to Derryl & his family, the many staff we never met, Annie, who was our contact and friend, and the many dancers throughout the years that we have had the pleasure of meeting. We wish you good health as you move on to the next chapter.

Much Love,

Dr. Chad L. Collard & Family

For tickets to the Odyssey Dance Theatre performance of Thriller click here.

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Free Pie Day!!!

All scheduled patients on Thursday, June 30 will receive a free apple pie from Costco’s Bakery. We do this each year to say thank you. We know that you have a choice for your health care and we appreciate that you continue to support our business. We also appreciate your referring your friends and family throughout the years.

We know that it is not possible for everyone to come in on June 30th, however, we do want to express our appreciation to you. We sincerely value our friendships throughout the years and we look forward to seeing you soon. Give us a call to schedule your appointment at 801-569-1141.

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Little Colorado River

At the end of February, I was able to hike down to the LCR (Little Colorado River) and catch a glimpse of the famous blue waters with my hiking friend and fellow doc from Cedar City. After taking one car to Grandview trailhead where we will be exiting, we drove the 93 miles to the Salt Creek Trailhead. We started about 12:30, way behind schedule due to the snow on the roads from the storm that passed through the day before. It was 3 miles to the river and a loss of 3,000 feet. We came across the first of the two “War Twins” that mark the way to the salt mines.

Here is the video of when we reached the LCR and saw the blue turquoise water.

We needed to cross the river and get to the other side but we crossed at the wrong spot and had to bushwhack an hour before we found the right trail. We were behind so we only were able to go 7.5 miles on the first day which meant we had to add 2.5 miles to our day two which was already 12.2 miles.

Day 2: We started off just a few miles from the confluence and hit the confluence of the LCR to the Colorado River (mile 62) around 9:30 in the morning. Since we were behind we weren’t able to stay longer and we didn’t get a good picture of the turquoise water mixing with the green water of the Colorado River.

Photo Credit: @dremmettdc

Photo Credit: @dremmettdc

The Beamer trail starts at the confluence and we followed that along the Colorado River. It is a narrow trail at times that one misstep could plunge you hundreds of feet down to the river. Even though we are hiking along the river there is no access to water due to the cliffs that prevents us from getting to it. After about 9 miles from the confluence, we rested at Tanner Beach. This is also where the Beamer Trail ends and the Escalante route starts. We then go another 3 miles and end for the day at Cardenas Creek where we camp for the night. This brought our total miles for the day to 14 and 22 miles total.

Photo Credit: @dremmettdc

Day 3: We got up early and started our long day. We climbed up to go around Unkar Creek Rapids (mile 73) and find ourselves up at “Butchart’s Notch” that looks down into the drainage of Escalante Creek. You can see Unkar rapids on the East end and pan around looking down river and see Neville Rapids and Hance Rapids just beyond.

The trail drops back down to the river following the Escalante drainage and then back up to Seventy-Five Mile canyon and drainage. Seventy Five mile canyon slot canyon was a highlight of our day.

Photo Credit: @dremmettdc

A little further down past Seventy Five mile drainage we come upon Papago Creek. This is where we find out why it is called a route and not a trail. We had to scale a 30-40 foot cliff with our 40 lbs. packs on our backs to go up and over the cliffs that jut out into the river making it impossible to go around. It was a little nerve racking but we were cautious and made it safely where we scrabbled down the other side back to the river. I felt very vulnerable and was extremely glad to finish that section. We ended up at Hance Rapids (mile 77) and sat and ate lunch. This was the same camp spot where we spent the last night the previous year on our 90 mile trip down the Colorado in our pack rafts. We had already traveled 9.5 miles but still had a little over 5 more to go with 1200 fee of elevation gain. At Hance Rapids the Escalante Route ends and we pick up the Tonto East Trail. We finished our day at Hance Creek just as it was getting dark and set up for our last night in the canyon.

Photo Credit: @dremmettdc

Day 4 This morning at Hance Creek was colder due to the elevation but since my friend Ryan brought a tent, we stayed warm that night. We only had about 5 miles to hike out but we had to gain about 3,600 feet in elevation. We passed an old mine and those early miners had to be as tough as nails. You can still see some old mining equipment and I’m in awe at the weight that had to be carried down by man or some unlucky mule.

At Horseshoe Mesa we picked up the Grandview Trail which will take us out of the canyon. For the last 1.5 miles, we were hiking in snow due to the recent storm that passed through the night before we started. We started at the trailhead at Hopi Salt Trail to the Beamer and then along the Escalante to the Tonto and then up Grandview for a total of 42 miles. The Grand Canyon is an unforgiving and hostile place and that is what draws me to it. Thank you Ryan for the planning and itinerary. I can’t wait for our next adventure.

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Happy Easter

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We thought it would be fun to bring back the Easter Basket this year and give away free products, free services, or money off your next appointment.

Thursday, April 14th all scheduled appointments get to draw from our Easter Basket. Each egg will have something great for you.

Give us a call to schedule your appointment. 801-569-1141.

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Ice, Ice, Baby!!!

I sound like a broken record but I will keep saying it; ICE any new injury or flare-up. Ice is a natural anti-inflammatory that relieves pain similar to ibuprofen.

When patients put a heating pad on their back pain all weekend, I can guarantee that they will be in the office in pain on Monday. My goal is to educate patients and keep them feeling better, pain-free, and enjoying their weekends. So as Vanilla Ice said in the ’90s; “Ice Ice Baby.”

Follow the icing instructions.

  • Ice for 20 minutes
  • Take off for 1 hour
  • Repeat, as many times as possible

Getting little kids to put ice on a new injury is not easy. But it will help with swelling and pain. Try using the tricks we used with our kids. We had a cute washcloth hand puppet that we used as an icepack cover. We also had a teddy bear that had a shirt so we would slip the icepack under the bear’s shirt and have our little kid, with the bump on their head, lay on the teddy bear. Our kids were always climbing up and falling off something so we just got creative. Friends would laugh because if anyone got hurt at our house our kids would go get an ice pack.

We began making ice pack covers years ago when my nephew needed a scout project. He came up with and made ice pack covers for my office. They were a big hit, especially the University of Utah pattern. As fast as he and grandma were making covers they would sell out. He wasn’t planning on making it a career as a 14-year-old so after a while, we didn’t have any available but patients would still ask. My wife Missy, learned how to sew just to make the ice pack covers. Now we have a steady supply of covers in a variety of fabrics. We sell them at cost just to offer great service and a great product to you.

Our ice packs are the best because they get really cold and they will conform to any body part. I like using them with our covers because it provides the perfect barrier for your skin and they are washable and soft.

Ice Packs $5.00

Covers $5.00

Click here for more products available at our office.




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