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Whole Food Supplements              



We sell Standard Process because we use them and we know that they work. We offer the best pricing and we special order anything that we don’t have in stock. Ask Dr. Collard what will be best for you.

To learn more about Standard Process click here visit their website. 



Gel Ice Packs               $5.00

Our gel ice packs are the best. They last for years and years and we sell them to you at cost.





Ice Pack Covers               $5.00

Dr. Collard’s nephew for a scout project about 10 years ago made these ice pack covers for the office. They were a big hit and so we have had them sewn just for our office. Custom fit for our ice packs, perfect skin barrier and washable. The pattern is always something different however we try to keep the U of U pattern in stock because it sells out fast. We also have BYU fabric :). We sell them at cost for you. 





Biofreeze               $12.00


Biofreeze is a product that mimics cold therapy. This product relieves pain and comes in a roll on, spray or a cream. 

To learn more about Biofreeze click here. 





BlenderBottle               $8.00

Dr. Collard always has a shake and drinking it from a blender bottle. We had so many asking what is he drinking that we decided to offer the best shaker bottle at our office. We offer them at below retail. 

To learn more about BlenderBottle click here





T-shirts                             $12.00








                           Cervical Pillows                $49.00





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