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Acupuncture stimulates our natural energy pathways. Telling the body to bring attention to a specific area promoting healing and natural function. This is very effective when treating chronic sinuses problems.

Often with chronic sinus infections we go to the doctor and get a prescription or just deal with it. Acupuncture will help the sinus to drain and when the area is clean and dry it will heal, same with ears. Dr. Collard has helped many with Sinusitis find long term relief and healing.

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Rim to Rim

In October, me and a group of friends hiked Rim to Rim. I love seeing what my body can accomplish. I also love being outdoors and the Grand Canyon has become top of my list.

My wive and I with friends drove to Jacob Lake Inn and stayed the first night. Then drove to the North Rim early the next morning. That morning I was shocked at how many hikers were starting out and how you could see all the people on the trail with their headlights creating a lit up snake down into the Grand Canyon. I bet there were 300 hikers starting out hiking down the North Kiabab Trail.

The weather was overcast and rainy and in the high 40’s when we started out. It was perfect. Down at the bottom of the canyon, 5781 feet from the top of the North Rim, the weather was in the low 80’s. As we finished up we would lose about 10 degrees every 1200 feet of elevation gain. At the top of the South Rim that evening it was back to 50 degrees. It is surprising the various types of vegetation you will find on the trail. Desert and dry to green and lush. The river that day was a muddy brown because of all the rain and run off. Some days the river is turquoise and clear.

The loving wives were our support team. They drove the cars around from the North Rim to the South Rim enjoying some stops along the way. They mentioned the high altitude forest on the North Rim being dark and moody perfect for an October drive. On their way to Marble Canyon along highway 89 there is a defined line where high altitude forest ends and you drop into low desert with tall red cliff walls. Making several stops along the way to the south end, we almost beat them there.

Before I left a patient was saying my son will be on the river guiding a group at the same time as you, if you see him say hi. What are the odds of that? I would have to be crossing the bridge at the exact same time her son would be going down the river. Well the timing was almost perfect and I did get to say hi to her son. His group was stopped and were on a small hike when I ran into him on the trail just past the bridge. I wish we had a photo. I was so shocked to see him and telling him that his mom said that he would be down here on the river that the photo didn’t cross my mind until I had walked away catching up to my group.

The second crazy run in is my old missionary companion. I served a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saint where we served together in the Seoul South Korea Mission 30 years ago. This guy comes walking up and says are you Chad Collard? I knew exactly who he was. It’s a good thing we both aged well and were recognizable. Looking good my friend!

Throughout the day we made several stops and enjoyed an hour long lunch. We starting hiking at 5 am and finished the trail at 4:30 pm. Sitting at the top of the trail waiting for the rest of the group it was fun to see how happy people were to finish and to cheer them on. The sense of accomplishment to each person was fun to see. My wife turned into the trail head photographer as each group would ask her to take their group photo.

That night we stayed on the South Rim and the next day we took the long way home. We made several stops along the Grand Canyon overlooks. Looking at a birds eye view of the hike is impressive and allows you to reflect on where you started out and where you finished.

We drove back up to Marble Canyon and walked across the bridge. The river is a 400+ feet down. You can see how the Paria River has already muddied the Colorado river just a few miles down from Glen Canyon Dam. Then we drove back home along one of my most favorite highways, Highway 89. Thank you to my friend for inviting me. It was a great trip. All the many miles I have put into the Grand Canyon this was my first Rim to Rim.

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Welcome to our new location

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We are excited to introduce our new location. We are next door, so not a far move. We are located in the same parking lot in the 3 story building, on the first floor, just to the east of our old office. 9071 South 1300 West #105 West Jordan, Utah 84088. There is parking in the front or you can park in the back and enter through the south doors.

It was not in our plans to move offices but when the owner of the building needed to expand their business they didn’t renew our lease. It was scary at first, we had been there for 15+ happy years. As with most hard things we are really happy about the move and feel that we have made some great improvements.

Much went into designing this new space. With the new build out we were able to think about what is best for our patients, the staff and how we function. We were able to keep the things that were working well and make improvements where it was needed.

We added a 3rd acupuncture room. This makes scheduling easier and opens up more time slots. We love the acupuncture rooms because we added sound walls to provide a quiet relaxing area for you to enjoy your time on acupuncture with music for each room and temperature control.

We put the roller beds in private bays with dimmers and curtains, again for your privacy and comfort. We also like the double doors in the main lobby because this makes sitting in our lobby more comfortable without the wind blowing in as the door is opened.

We changed up the reception area. We built out a new desk that was more fine tuned the the old one, and added a back office for extra room.

There are many more reasons why we like the new office location, but we want to hear from you. Come in and visit us.

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Annual Pie Day

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90 Miles down the Colorado River on a Packraft

What is packrafting and why do you packraft? Those are some questions that I have been asked before going packrafting down the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon. Packrafting is when you raft and backpack in the same trip. The rafts are sturdy enough to handle the river but light enough and compact enough to put in your backpack and carry out.

I have been spending some time in the Grand Canyon hiking the past couple of years. Lately, I have had the bug to raft it. This specific trip is by lottery permit only and usually takes years to win. The trip was to begin at Lee’s Ferry just below the Glen Canyon Damn, raft for 5 days over 90 miles of river and rapids, then pack up and hike out on the 5th day, getting back to the top on the 6th day. The original date was for end of May 2020 but the pandemic halted all Grand Canyon travel. So we were able to reschedule for this last May 2021.

I rent my gear from a company in Montana and the package was to be delivered the Thursday before my trip on Monday. By Saturday, Fedex couldn’t find it and it was not going to get here in time, if at all. Since I was the permit holder if I didn’t make it the other 7 would not be able to go without the permit holder. Well it showed up on the front door Sunday morning the day before I was to leave. Hallelujah!!!!!

In order to start our trip we must have all of the required equipment and have it all checked by the rangers at Lee’s Ferry. After orientation and finishing up the final paperwork we started our trip down the Colorado River at mile 0. Only 89 miles to go to reach Phantom Ranch by raft and then we begin our hike out of the Grand Canyon. As we got going with each rapid we improved and got more confident. Standing on the side of the rapid as you scout it looking at the rapids and figuring out how you want to run it and listening to the roar was very intimidating. But there is nothing more thrilling then slowly and calmly floating into the rapids with anticipation, fear, and excitement and then dropping into the first hole. That is when it turns into total chaos as you fight to stay in your raft and not flip it.

Each day was spent rafting, and pulling over each night to camp on the side of the river. Day 2 through 4, the winds were so strong that we were not progressing downstream without strong paddle strokes all day long. If at anytime we stopped paddling it would seem like we would be pushed upstream loosing any gains. Often the gusts of wind was so strong that we would be flipped out of our rafts into the cold water which happened quite frequently. On day 3, after paddling 27 miles through rough winds we prayed for refuge out of the wind and a spot to camp. After finding what we thought was a poor camp spot, we were lucky enough to follow a small path which lead us through thick tamaracks which provided enough cover to block the winds. I have never been so happy to find refuge from the wind.

On Day 5 the winds were finally calm and we enjoyed the last 8 miles on the river before we reached Phantom Ranch. We pulled into mile 88 1/2 and the rafting portion of the packrafting was over. Now was the time to load up our packs that weighed between 40-54 lbs. We spent a few hours drying out our rafts and organizing our backpacks. The 50 lbs backpacks with packrafts were heavy but the first 7 miles were mild and not very steep from the river and Phantom Ranch to Cottonwood campground where we camped for the night. Mike in our group wanted to go for a little run after hiking. He ran into a runner who was trying to set a new record going from rim to rim 5 times. Mike decided to help pace him and ran 7 miles back to the river up Bright Angel trail to the south rim (7 miles and 4400 feet of elevation) and then back to Cottonwood campground for a total of 28 miles and 6000 feet gained and lost. He arrived back at 4:00 in the morning. We woke him up and 5:00 and he then hiked out the hardest 7 miles with over 50 lbs on his back. CRAZY! The last day the hike was 7 miles with 5784 elevation gain and one of the hardest miles of my life.

A trip of a lifetime with some great people, hopefully I can make it back for more. Check out my videos I added to youtube.

I have added a video to youtube and I’ll be adding more so check it out.

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Girl Scout Cookie Day

Girl Scout Cookie Season Has Arrived: Here's What Your Favorite Flavor Says  About You - E! Online

We are very excited to be able to do a long awaited patient appreciation day. Wednesday September 16th, 2020. While supplies last, but we have a bunch, so don’t worry.

We missed our original Cooke day in March due to coronavirus. We then had to cancel our annual tradition pie day in July because 1- we couldn’t get post cards mailed from our printer in California and 2- we didn’t want to encourage that much traffic into the office with social distancing.

We are even more excited now to share these cookies. I’m glad we didn’t eat them all during quarantine. Give us a call to schedule your appointment 801-569-1141.

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Acupuncture has shown beneficial to increase fertility with no risks. In our office Dr. Collard uses strategic points on the abdomen, hands or feet to increase blood flow and balance spiritual, mental, emotional and physical body aiding in reproductive health.

Treatments are safe and affordable and can help anytime before expensive IVF treatments or during IVF to increase the success rate of the IVF treatments. The reproductive journal Fertility and Sterility reported a study of 160 women. Split into two group one receiving acupuncture treatments during IVF and one receiving no acupuncture treatments. 34 pregnancies in the acupuncture treatment group compared to the group that received no acupuncture with IVF alone saw results of 21 pregnancies. The results were 42.5% compared to 26.3% in this control group receiving IVF.

Acupuncture treatments stimulate your body to function properly. It can increase healthy blood flow, stimulate egg production and balance out hormones which all can help the body become pregnant and decrease the chances of a miscarriage.

Dr. Collard is always available to answer any questions that you may have. We understand that wanting to become pregnant can become painfully emotional. Let us help. Call to schedule your appointment 801-569-1141.

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Get Moving at Home!

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To prevent pain while social distancing and staying at home the best advice I can give you is get moving. When a joint is locked up, it causes pain. That’s all an adjustment is, I get the joint moving again. So let keep it moving, here are some tips.

  • Get up from your desk every hour. While working from home you may or may not have the ideal work station for your neck shoulder or back. You may even be working on your laptop from your bed. To help combat pain, set a timer for an hour and get up and stretch. 
  • Take walks every day. Walking is one of the best things for back pain. Walk with good posture and enjoy some fresh air.
  • Stretching and exercise is a great way to move, increase oxygen and blood flow. Especially now there are lots of workout that you can do from home without gym equipment.
  • Ice, never heat. Ice for 20 min any location that has pain. Ice reduces inflammation that causes pain. Repeat this every hour.
  • Reduce stress. I know easier said then done but your health depends on it. Walks, fresh air, exercise, mediation, acupuncture, facetime a friend, limit caffeine, write it down are just a few examples. 

We encourage you to take care of yourself.

Build your immune system!

Here are some tip how you and your family can build strong immune systems.

  • Chiropractic adjustments
  • Acupuncture
  • Get more sleep
  • Healthy diet with fruits and veggies
  • Exercise

Spinal adjustments have been shown to boost immune function because they serve to correct the spinal misalignment that cause neural dysfunction. Neural dysfunction stresses a body out, which may lead to a weakened immune system and lowered response to a foreign body, such as a virus. Getting a chiropractic adjustment is a great place to start so you can get any spinal misalignment you may have corrected. Even one adjustment can bring about an immediate immune boost. 

Acupuncture can regulate immune function and treat the underlying cause of the disease by reducing symptoms, speeding up the healing of infection and normalizing the body’s immune response.

Get more sleep! We are a nation of sleep-deprived individuals, but you don’t have to be one of them. Sleep helps your body to reset and recharge, and keeps your system firing and protecting in the way that it should.

Boost your immune system with a diet packed full of healthy fruits and vegetables. Cut back on sugar and processed foods. Add vitamins D from sunlight, C and Calcium from a high quality supplement. Dr. Collard uses the example if you throw beans on the sidewalk they won’t grow. A virus needs a week environment to grow. Build your environment up with healthy foods and supplements. Stop by and we will get you set up with a daily whole food supplement.

Regular exercise is also important when it comes to immune health because it serves to improve blood circulation, which in turn kick stars the release of immune system substances into your body. The weather is great, get outside for fresh air and sunlight.

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Dr. Collard

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Dr Collard Family Vacation

Wait until the end to watch Dr. Collard go flying.




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