Ice, Ice, Baby!!!

Ice, Ice, Baby!!!

I sound like a broken record but I will keep saying it; ICE any new injury or flare-up. Ice is a natural anti-inflammatory that relieves pain similar to ibuprofen.

When patients put a heating pad on their back pain all weekend, I can guarantee that they will be in the office in pain on Monday. My goal is to educate patients and keep them feeling better, pain-free, and enjoying their weekends. So as Vanilla Ice said in the ’90s; “Ice Ice Baby.”

Follow the icing instructions.

  • Ice for 20 minutes
  • Take off for 1 hour
  • Repeat, as many times as possible

Getting little kids to put ice on a new injury is not easy. But it will help with swelling and pain. Try using the tricks we used with our kids. We had a cute washcloth hand puppet that we used as an icepack cover. We also had a teddy bear that had a shirt so we would slip the icepack under the bear’s shirt and have our little kid, with the bump on their head, lay on the teddy bear. Our kids were always climbing up and falling off something so we just got creative. Friends would laugh because if anyone got hurt at our house our kids would go get an ice pack.

We began making ice pack covers years ago when my nephew needed a scout project. He came up with and made ice pack covers for my office. They were a big hit, especially the University of Utah pattern. As fast as he and grandma were making covers they would sell out. He wasn’t planning on making it a career as a 14-year-old so after a while, we didn’t have any available but patients would still ask. My wife Missy, learned how to sew just to make the ice pack covers. Now we have a steady supply of covers in a variety of fabrics. We sell them at cost just to offer great service and a great product to you.

Our ice packs are the best because they get really cold and they will conform to any body part. I like using them with our covers because it provides the perfect barrier for your skin and they are washable and soft.

Ice Packs $5.00

Covers $5.00

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