Dr. Collard’s Favorite Recipe- Phu Noodles

Dr. Collard’s Favorite Recipe- Phu Noodles

Phu Vietnamese Restaurants are some of my favorite healthy eats. I love the fresh vegetables and the lean protein. My wife started making it at home and it is just as good. But here is the best part. Left overs are even better and your food will taste just as fresh by storing your broth, vegetables and garnishes all separate. Then when you are ready for a quick dinner heat up your broth, noodles, meat and add your fresh veggies, dinner or lunch is done. You can heat up one bowl at a time for yourself or the whole pot to serve a crowd.

  1. Take your meat that you have already cooked. This can be baked, BBQ, roasted it does not matter. Chop it up into bite size strips.
  2. Chop up all of your vegetable. You can keep them separate or dump them all together in one big bowl. Get creative and make it colorful. Use your favorite veggies and use up what you have in your fridge. There is no wrong here.
  3. Make your broth using your choice of chicken broth. We use the broth in the carton for convenience. Then we add chopped purple onions, garlic, salt and pepper & ginger. The trick is not to over cook your broth because the flavor will become more bland and loose nutrition value. If you choose to add cabbage or bok choy or mushrooms we add it to the broth and cook it unlike the other veggies.
  4. Cook Rice noodles following directions on the package. If you have never cooked rice noodles before, your going to love how fast they cook and are light and delicious.
  5. Dish up your bowl by adding your freshly chopped veggies, & protein, then add your hot broth (with cabbage) overtop. Garnish with cilantro, green onion and fresh lime. We also like to add a bit of chili sauce like Sriracha.


1 lbs.    lean protein (we like chicken or steak)

1 head    cabbage or bok choy

1 pkg.    rice noodles

10 c.    Chicken Broth

1/2 t.    Salt & Pepper to taste (depends on the broth)

1     onion, purple or white

1 8oz    mushrooms sliced

4 clove    Garlic

1 t.    Ginger

Garnish with green onion lime, cilantro & chili sauce. This recipe can be easily modified. Enjoy!




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