Get Moving at Home!

Get Moving at Home!

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To prevent pain while social distancing and staying at home the best advice I can give you is get moving. When a joint is locked up, it causes pain. That’s all an adjustment is, I get the joint moving again. So let keep it moving, here are some tips.

  • Get up from your desk every hour. While working from home you may or may not have the ideal work station for your neck shoulder or back. You may even be working on your laptop from your bed. To help combat pain, set a timer for an hour and get up and stretch. 
  • Take walks every day. Walking is one of the best things for back pain. Walk with good posture and enjoy some fresh air.
  • Stretching and exercise is a great way to move, increase oxygen and blood flow. Especially now there are lots of workout that you can do from home without gym equipment.
  • Ice, never heat. Ice for 20 min any location that has pain. Ice reduces inflammation that causes pain. Repeat this every hour.
  • Reduce stress. I know easier said then done but your health depends on it. Walks, fresh air, exercise, mediation, acupuncture, facetime a friend, limit caffeine, write it down are just a few examples. 

We encourage you to take care of yourself.




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