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Patient Spotlight- Loretta Lynn’s amateur National Motocross Champion

Image215We love hearing about your successes when you come into the office. We treat many different types of athletes and athletes of all ages. I’d like to brag about Tayler a 12 year old patient who recently won the Highly coveted Loretta Lynn’s Amateur National Motocross Championship in Tennessee in the girls 9-13 class. She won all three motos declaring her the champion for 2016.

Tayler has been riding since she was four years old when her dad who loved to ride put her on a bike. It is her love for riding that has kept her and her family traveling across the nation competing. Most kids who compete at this level are home schooled- not Tayler! She loves school and her friends and just started 7th grade. Tayler not only rides motocross but snowboards, mountain bikes and crushes it at CrossFit. Her dad says “She excels because of her strong work ethic and her passion. What makes her so great is that she is a shy, humble kid who is not even aware of the award she just won. To her it is just another race.”Image302

Your kids are probably much like Tayler, with a love for a sport that is demanding on their bodies. Let us help prevent, repair and provide pain relief that is drug free and without harmful side effects. Do not let pain get in the way of your goals. Call today 801-569-1141.


Meet the Caughey Family

If I am ever trapped under a car, this is the family I’d want close by. The Caughey Family are World Champion Powerlifters. Their medals include a Gold Medal at Utah Summer Games, 23+ State and Regional titles, and several World Champion titles. They are as kind as they are strong. It has been rewarding to treat them and help them achieve their personal weightlifting goals. I have been able to review film to find biomechanical concerns and correct mechanical glitches that were preventing proper movement that leads to loss of strength, pain, and long term wear and tear.

I love my job and the people I get to work with. I love helping patients reach goals and feel good doing everyday activities. I have had back, knee, and shoulder injuries throughout my life. I know how it can cause emotional stress and prevent us from doing the things we love. Lets face it, it even prevents us from doing the things we don’t love but have to get done. A big thank you to the Caughey Family who were so kind to take time to write testimonials about how chiropractic and acupuncture has helped them and for allowing us to share their successes.

“In every visit Dr. Collard follows up with how my lifting is going and what changes I have noticed. Dr. Collard will review film with me to see if there are any biomechanical concerns I need to fix. Those small things have not only helped me with my lifting goals, but has improved my regular life! My recovery times are amazing. I feel structurally sound when I lift and attempt extremely heavy weight. Most importantly, my quality of life has greatly improved!”   -Billy


“Through regular visits and acupuncture sessions I was able to compete at the World Championships and place top 5 in my age and weight class. Dr. Collard has helped me out so much! I tell everyone to come visit him because I know he will take good care of them.”   -Natalie


“After visiting the doctor just before my last powerlifting meet, I was able to set a new world record in the dead lift and the push-pull for the 54-60 age class 242 pound weight division. I would recommend Dr. Collard to anyone, especially athletes.”   -Bill


“After seeing Dr. Collard, I no longer must sit on a tailbone pillow. Long drives are now enjoyable-not painful. My sciatica is back to normal and it isn’t a painful transition from sitting to standing any longer.”   -Gloria




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